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Facilitator, Gay Men's Social Anxiety Workshop                                                 

Bridgemen, a SF civic organization                                            

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GMSAW (TBD nonprofit)  

Former Chairperson, Sacramento AIDS Fndn.               Former Chairperson, Golden Gate Arts Council  
The American Philosophical Association

American Academy of Religion
Society for Asian & Comparative Philosophy 
Cultural Integration Fellowship, San Francisco

Publications (Accessed in over 40 countries)

Debunking the Origins of Morality; the Individual’s Commitment to Humanity., September 2016.

The Art of Authenticity: Constantin Stanislavski and Merleau-Ponty.
Journal of Literature and Art Studies, July 2016, Vol. 6, No. 7.

Aurobindo’s Supermind, Teilhard’s Omega Point, and Plato’s Doctrine of Recollection., August 2016

Holy Stigmata, Anorexia, and Self-Mutilation: Parallels in Pain and Imagining.
Journal for the Study of Religions and Ideologies, 9:25, 2010

Aristotle and the Natural Slave: The Athenian Relationship with India.
Mithras Reader Vol. III: An Academic and Religious Journal of Greek, Roman and Persian Studies, 2010.

Evolutionary Panentheism and Metanormal Human Capacity: A Psychobiography of Michael Murphy.
PhD Dissertation, 2014.  

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Works in Progress

Confessions of a Recovering Profligate. Transforming Moral Decrepitude to Virtue.
The Trajectory of Child Abuse to Substance Abuse: the Disease versus Willingness Models.
A Trajectory of Addiction. Stages of Grief in Recovery.
We Must Abandon Our Gods. Transformation and Self-Responsibility.

Speaking Engagements (partial list)

Society for Asian & Comparative Philosophy, Monterey - 2015
Asian Studies on the Pacific Coast, Portland University – 2010
American Academy of Religion General, Atlanta – 2010
American Academy of Religion WR, Phoenix State University – 2009
California Institute of Integral Studies, San Francisco – 2008
The Exchange for the Performing Arts, Sacramento, CA – 2008
American Academy of Religion WR, Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley – 2008
San Francisco Media Alliance – 2005


                      The Exchange - Sacramento, CA - Stanislavski and the Science of Emotional Recognition                        
Folsom Lake College - Revitalizing Our Innate Human Potential
CIIS, San Francisco - Metanormal Human Capacity          
CFI, San Francisco - ReChanneling: Harmonizing the Integral Complex of Being
                         GMSAW, San Francisco - ReChanneling: Supporting Cognitive Behavioral Therapy                          
Other Various  - Sacramento, San Francisco, Los Angeles

Professional Associations