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                                     ReChanneling Programs

COGNITIVE BEHAVIORAL ReChanneling THERAPY SESSIONS (CBRT) focus on multiple behavioral neuroses including social and other anxieties, coping with loss, problematic situations or conditions, depression, and other symptoms of distress and     dis-ease. Cognitive therapy addresses inappropriate or irrational thinking patterns. Behavioral therapy trains individuals to change the negative behavior. ReChanneling encourages the individual to replace the negative behavior with one of positive and comparable value while addressing the integral components of the distress.  Excessive pricing by current CBT programs excludes many who have need of resolution. ReChanneling is dedicated to mitigating individual cost through an aggressive sliding scale.

WEEKEND MOTIVATIONAL TRAINING WORKSHOPS. These sessions address both anxiety and the destructive heterostasis of the mind, body, and spirit in order to generate a sense of general well-being.  With ReChanneling, negative habits and maladaptive behaviors are not replaced with similar defeating problems but are consciously rechanneled into positive and comparable aspects of positive and productive living. Through unequivocal acceptance of our condition and our willingness to change, we learn to proactively enhance our innate potential to harness that special aptitude for extraordinary living and the inherent capacity to lift the human spirit.

ReChannelingPERSONAL DEVELOPMENT SEMINARS are geared towards positive self-motivation and increased productivity through the elimination of behaviors and habits detrimental to our general well-being and quality of life. Through ReChanneling, we enhance our innate potential capacity for self-affirmation by refining the goodness extant within us, redefining that which has been distorted or falsified, and reinstating that which has been lost or misplaced.

CORPORATE TRAINING MOTIVATIONAL SEMINARS. A common preoccupation of any corporation is the continued generation of employee motivation and productivity. These training seminars are paramount to any businesses’ success. The recruitment of innovative motivational speakers with new and unique perspectives is essential to identify methods to improve potential avenues of success while enhancing the company’s performance and profits. Employee morale, complacency, and conflicts are chronic issues affected by repetitiveness and events that influence perspective. A motivational speaker gets to the root of employees’ negative attitudes and energizes fresh perspectives, thereby restoring confidence and passion.

ReChannelingSUBSCRIPTION SERIES consisting of teaching and interviews will be made available via the ReChanneling website. Self-improvement services are now being promoted and illustrated on teleseminars and webinars. ReChanneling's half-hour presentations, already initiated in a pilot program on YouTube, will cover different aspects of training and case studies, and include interviews with industry professionals as well as those who have successfully incorporated the methods of ReChanneling into life-affirming well-being.

The S
elf-help Motivational Book titled, Confessions of a Recovering Profligate falls under the profitable 'self-help' genre of publications. Due for February 2018 publication, the book outlines the methodology of ReChanneling accompanied by illustrations of Dr. Mullen's own battles with maladaptive behavioral addiction, and the methods he and others have successfully employed to rechannel moral turpitude into positive self-affirmation and successful productivity.